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1st September 2007
First day of Spring! Well, it is down here in Oz...

So, here's the first one! Up two days early (not that anyone will notice, really...), and this sets the quality (ie: crap) and tone (ie: completely irrelevant and not funny at all) for most of the strips I've got planned so far.

No, there's no plot, there's no continuity (except that most characters will be like global variables and hang around all the time), there's no reason, and most importantly, there's no sense.

Have fun with your lives until next week!

Disclaimer for the week: I have absolutely nothing against the public service or anyone who works in the public service - as a matter of fact, I've got a job at as a graduate next year. And no, it wasn't a last resort =)


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By Luke at 6:14pm 12th December 2007
Test test test test test :)
By Huy at 4:00am 16th December 2007
Tests are working :P
By Luke at 9:51pm 1st April 2008
test... again?