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10. The Late Comic / The Watch Part 1

9th October 2007
Gah, 10th comic and it's late. Sorry everyone, I was doing assignments and forgot to do a comic yesterday. I promise you'll get a new one sometime today!

Update at 12:43am:

So yeah, assignments. Got caught up finishing off a question for the e-commerce assignment, and forgot to do up the comic. Luckily, you get a dodgy tie-in with the late theme...

This happened last semester and I've been wanting to do a comic mini-series about it ever since then.

New comic (hopefully on time this time!) on Friday!

- Luke

PS: Oh and it looks like I'm getting better at drawing hair... although long hair still causes me problems :( I'm getting there though! And hopefully I can try to remember what colour people's hair actually *is* since Leo's hair is much darker than I've had it in the previous comics...


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