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100. And now for something completely different...

30th June 2008
News: cspv1 will be updating on Mondays, THURSDAYS, and Fridays until further notice, as I'm going to be playing in a D&D4e campaign on Wednesday nights, which means that I won't have any time on Wednesdays to do a comic strip.

Yes, I've somehow made it to 100 strips. Looking back at the artwork, my stick figures have grown not only hands and feet, but elbows and knees as well! And don't worry, today's comic isn't the beginning of a new art direction either - I was just bored so this is a computer-vectorised version of a sketch I drew while I was bored a few weeks ago.

You may have noticed the slightly bigger comic (actually A4 sized now) as well as the change in the credit note in the bottom left hand corner if you haven't I bet you just went and looked. So now it's under creative commons and actually has the comic's web address on it so if the comic gets put up anywhere else then people will know where it came from.

I've also switched drawing programs to inkscape an open-source vector editor (I was using Adobe Illustrator but it was giving my grief by not being aero-compatible in Vista). So bear with me if the art is a bit substandard as I learn the commands and funky stuff. As a by product the font has changed too.

That's quite a bit of news for the 100th comic and hopefully I'll make it to 200 soon!

Remember I'm no longer updating on Wednesdays so see you on Thursday

- Luke

PS: oh joy comichub was broken on the last day of the month AGAIN. Sorry it's late! (I've updated the date to yesterday to make it look like it was on time...)


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By Rohan at 10:54am 1st July 2008
Sorry about that! I'll have a look into it. Grats on making 100 comics!
By Raiph at 4:31pm 1st July 2008
Congratulations Luke. Verdana is a good choice.
By Bekee at 12:37am 3rd July 2008
Wohoo for 100 comics!
By Erica at 10:26pm 28th July 2008
oh you softie Luke! congrats! and many more to come! :-)
By Erica at 10:27pm 28th July 2008
Ive set it as my desktop background :-P
By Luke at 2:40pm 7th January 2011