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101. Dang cheating gankers...

3rd July 2008
We were playing a game of Diablo 2 over the internet, and he pulled out a hacked barbarian character and I had my non-hacked guy... I tried to attack him and kept flailing about and missing him because of his cheating ridiculously high armour class, and then he runs away, does a special leap attack, and kills me in one hit.


- Luke

PS: Yes, it was someone I knew, yes, I knew he was cheating. I just didn't expect him to be cheating quite so much...!


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By Rohan at 10:34pm 3rd July 2008
Doh. Anyone you know or just a random?
By Jarrett (not the barbaria at 12:33am 4th July 2008
must have been a random. DAMN RANDOMS ON BATTLE.NET! *cough*
ps my chair isn't red :D

btw awesome guide on how to make a gaming webcomic (better if you've been reading the current arc of CAD..)
By Jack at 5:44pm 4th July 2008
Leap attack FTW. Except for the bugs.
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