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103. Tag Team Results

7th July 2008
Yeah, marks for undergrads came out today - hopefully all of the undergrads I know are happy with their marks, especially one in particular (on the right) who finds out today whether he graduated this semester or not!

Here's hoping everyone went well...

- Luke


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By Jack at 7:30am 8th July 2008
That comic is false. ANUBIS was in no state to handle rapid refreshes. Checking results was like wading through molasses.
By eolh at 3:13pm 8th July 2008
I think they need to teir out their marks, so coursework masters get released, then a week later 4th years.. then 3rd.. etc. Smallest number of students first.
By jazza at 7:10pm 8th July 2008
ever tiering by days would significantly reduce the load on the system. took me 5 hours to get my marks!
By Bekee at 9:59am 10th July 2008
I got mine at 11:50! HAR HAR HAR.