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104. iExploited

9th July 2008
Yeah, my fellow PhD-er is somewhat... obsessed... with the incoming iPhone, and isn't very happy that the Optus plan kinda sucks, the Vodafone plan (which was up for all of 5 mins today, before it got removed again) sucks even more, and Telstra hasn't said anything about their plan at all. Added to the fact that it's pretty much impossible to get an iPhone now without putting some kind of deposit down (which, for Vodafone and Telstra, means you're signing up to buy something that you're not even sure what the plan for is)...

He's not a very happy camper at the moment.

No D&D4e today, hence the Wednesday update.

- Luke


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By A at 1:44pm 10th July 2008
You can't get one for love of money! * SOB *
By jazza at 12:22am 11th July 2008
lol i had such high hopes for voda but the plan release was like a knife through the heart! hello optus prepaid..
what you're surprised i'm mad keen to get a bit of techno-wank?
also when you turn it sideways in the basic calc app, it turns into a fully functional landscape scientific calculator :D