Code Spammer's Paradise

105. iDrool

11th July 2008
Not actually a real event.

And no, he didn't manage to order one in the morning when we went over to Civic in a vain attempt to put his name down for the next batch. I don't know if he had any more success in the afternoon, though.

Poor, poor, obsessed iGeeks.

Have a good (and a FREEZING COLD CANBERRA WINTER, brrr!) weekend everyone,

- Luke


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By Jack at 8:02pm 11th July 2008
Snore @ iPhone.
By ComicWriterLuke at 11:36pm 11th July 2008
By Rohan at 2:05pm 14th July 2008
I'd like an iPhone. I wouldn't like to pay for it, or for the data, so I'll wait...