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108. </sarcasm>

18th July 2008
Inspired by one of my doodles/ads which I drew on my fellow PhDer's whiteboard one day.

I'm still not sure whether the line Research is fun! is true or not since I'm still finding that out :)

The ANU Wargaming Society is running a tournament this weekend so this weekend is going to be completely busy... but I anticipate at least one comic-worthy event to transpire so I'll have some material for Monday's comic at least.

And yes I now have a pile of yellow sticky notes with comic ideas on them that I work through every time I don't have anything recent to write about...

Have a good weekend everyone!

- Luke

Edit: Hey the title section doesn't actually escape out HTML characters (the < and >).

Edit2: Hmm but the news post section (this bit) does...


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By S at 11:15pm 19th July 2008
First they ignore you then they ridicule you then they attack you... then you graduate!""
By Rohan at 2:31pm 20th July 2008
Hmm, the title doesn't escape HTML? I wonder what devious things you could do with that? The news post should be safe though...