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111. We're not lost, we just don't know where we're going!

25th July 2008
At least it's an improvement on our last D&D campaign, where we actually got lost because our ranger didn't have any nature skill, whereas this time we didn't know where we were going ourselves rather than just sucking at dice rolls...

Actually, I'm pretty sure that's not an improvement at all, as we can't blame it on the dice this time.

D&D's on hold for a while since we're all busy with the start of the uni term or actually working on a certain PhD, hence why there have been Wednesday updates for a while.

Have a good weekend everyone,

- Luke


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By B at 7:37pm 25th July 2008
Just putting it out there, I made the best call re one of my friends who is also into D&D

Me: What are you up to this afternoon
Chris: Oh you know, go over to Karl's, do some role playing
Me: Oh cool. So are you the head master while Karl's the naughty school boy?
Chris: What?
Chris: ....
Chris: Oh god, you've ruined my day
Me: *glee*
By Jack at 8:33am 26th July 2008
I remember a campaign a while back where our rogue failed just about every detect traps roll ever.

Sure the chest is fine!"
*opens chest*
*gets shot by dart*"