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112. Envious of their Wiis

28th July 2008
Wow, the first luncheon-scene comic in a while (39 strips, or 13 weeks worth! - the last one was ), and we have a new face at lunch (who sadly does not partake in the gloriousness that is wedges...)

Anyway, those two actually _do_ have Wiis, and it did cause some tech envy at the time (I'm not bitter, no, not at all... grrr...)

And yes, I have only just resisted the temptation to make bad jokes on the Wii name seriously Nintendo what were you expecting when you named it that!

I do have a horrible Wii-based joke stored up so I might use that one on Wednesday.

Take care everyone

- Luke


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By eolh at 3:05pm 29th July 2008
They were expecting everyone to remember 'Wii'. For many reasons.

I haven't got a Wii either. Instead I go home and play on my father's...