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113. A week is a long time in politics, but compared to the public service...

30th July 2008
Actual conversation. For some reason, all my friends seem to be a wonderful source of random quotes ;)

Yeah, no bad Wii joke like I hinted on Monday - I'm not sure what art to do for that one yet, so it's on hold until I figure out what to draw for it.

A bit over halfway through the week. It's downhill from here - except I'm in meetings all day tomorrow. Great.

- Luke


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By S at 8:03am 31st July 2008
Meetings build character! The outcome of the the meeting is the resolution to organize the next meeting :P
By Rohan at 9:23pm 31st July 2008
DIAC isn't as public-servicey as I expected, most people seem to stay in the building for lunch and don't take particularly long for it :S