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114. We're here for the couches, not for the coffee

1st August 2008
Well, all four Starbucks stores in Canberra closed on Wednesday night. We (Leo and I) used to go to the one in Garema pl in Civic regularly while we were at uni, mostly because it had couches and we didn't get kicked out for hanging around for the whole afternoon after buying only one coffee each.

The quality of service really went downhill during the last year (and especially when we went there a month or so ago), the incident mentioned in the comic about overzealous cleaning was true, and the place got a lot more dingy and dark over the recent months.

The coffee was always pretty crap, as some people have commented in newpaper reports that I've read it was weak American-style flavoured coffee rather than *actual* coffee which is served by most coffee shops. The one thing I will miss is their frappachinos especially the peppermint mocha ones they had at Christmas time.

The only thing I'm wondering now is whether Gloria Jeans (which also serves weak American-style flavoured coffee) will survive... I guess they will since there isn't any competition in the flavoured-not-quite-coffee market anymore.

Time will tell.

- Luke


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By jarrett at 11:30pm 1st August 2008
heh yeah i saw they were closing. can't say i pity them, starbucks is at best a coffee-like liquid.. but the couches WERE cool.
By Leo at 12:23pm 2nd August 2008
By James at 1:00am 6th August 2008
But where will all the Emo's go, think of the Emo's