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115. Path Optimisation

4th August 2008
Yeah, that time of the year is upon us again, the dreaded student elections (or student association elections, or union council elections, or whatever we're supposed to be electing at the moment).

And yes, I do actually change my usual path to Civic in order to avoid Union Court and the associated multitudes of hopeful representatives wanting us to vote for them.


- Luke


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By S at 10:05pm 4th August 2008
So was that what was happening?
By Bekee at 3:15pm 5th August 2008
Gah, student politicians annoy me.
By Leo at 8:47pm 5th August 2008
You should care! D:
By James at 1:03am 6th August 2008
You should only care if you want to get particularly indignant about the egotistical w*&k and junket that is a student politicians life :)

tell them you stopped voting over the disqualification of the Ficus tree- after all it did win
By Jack at 3:35pm 6th August 2008
Do the ballots here have a Re-open nominations" section? When I was in Leeds I voted RON."
By Francois at 7:21am 20th August 2008
I just say I'm 17. They give you a funny look, but no-one calls you on it.