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117. Smoglympics

8th August 2008
Yeah, so much for their predicted 'blue skies'.

Is anyone else as apathetic towards the Olympics as I am? And the whole business of tallying up each countries' medal count and the media telling us who is 'winning' the Olympics annoys me as well, since the Olympics should be about which person or team is best in a particular area, not about which country can afford to spend the most on training up their athletes (and has enough population to find people who are good at sports, too).

Meh, it's probably just me being a software engineer which prefers to stay indoors and avoid physical activity :)

And yes, I'm aware that this joke is completely obvious and has been done by at least a few political cartoonists already, but really, it's too good a situation to ignore!

- Luke


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By jazza at 4:21am 9th August 2008
i don't have a tv.

the olympics are happening??
By James at 3:03pm 9th August 2008
Totally Olympics apathetic right here
I was listening to the radio on Fri and they were suggesting Australia spend MORE on sport. Millions more- there are fucking disadvantaged people who cant get Legal Aid but we need to spend more on sport? WTF?
By eolh at 4:57pm 11th August 2008
Agreed. Less money on Olympics/sports/politics, more on education/health/transport/environment...