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120. Interior Redecorating

15th August 2008
Yeah, the College of Engineering and Computer Science has changed their colour to red, replacing the dark green which they previously had. Unfortunately, a month or two (or three, I can't remember) ago, they painted the wall in the foyer the previous college colour of dark green. Guess some redecorating is in order...

Woo! Weekend!

- Luke


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By Rohan at 6:47pm 15th August 2008
Aha, the websites have been updated too! That looks weird :p
By Bekee at 7:45pm 15th August 2008
Oh, I wondered why the websites suddenly became freaky and evil looking. Now I know. Does that mean I'll have red on my graduation... thingy?
By Jack at 7:46pm 15th August 2008
Let's change our colour colour to red"

By ComicWriterLuke at 10:52am 16th August 2008
Jack> Whoops, typo. Forgot to proof-read again! It's fixed now.
By Jack at 11:41am 16th August 2008
Red thingos on the academic gowns would look really good TBH.
By S at 11:51pm 17th August 2008
Of all the colours in the universe...arggghh... vertigo!!!
By j at 2:49am 18th August 2008
doesnt look so bad
By eolh at 3:23pm 18th August 2008
designGoodWebsite = 0;