Code Spammer's Paradise

121. *choke*

18th August 2008
Talking while attempting to eat a packet of sugar is usually a very bad idea, as proven by another one of my friends as his first appearance in the comic.

- Luke


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By S at 9:10pm 18th August 2008
Talking while chewing *anything* is almost always definitely a bad idea!
By Rohan at 10:22pm 18th August 2008
Is that Jack?
By S at 9:20am 19th August 2008
Never attempt to eat the packet!
By Jack at 7:04pm 19th August 2008
@Rohan: err... no. Whatever would make you think that?

Yes, it's me.
By jazza at 12:10am 21st August 2008
mmmmm sugar
so a good one i heard today: if it takes 1000 microsoft engineers to develop windows 7, how many does it take to change a lightbulb?
none. they just redefine darkness as the industry standard.
By ComicWriterLuke at 8:07am 21st August 2008
Um... oops. I forgot to do a comic yesterday, so you'll probably get a double-length one tonight to make up for it. Sorry everyone!