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125. Realisations...

27th August 2008
I just realised yesterday that Monday was actually the six month mark in my PhD, which scares me, considering the fact that I nominally am one-sixth of the way through my PhD in terms of the 'planned' time period (3 years), and a bit less than one-eighth of the way through an average PhD (4.something years). It really does put everything that I've done (or, haven't done as the case may be) in perspective...

- Luke


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By S at 8:59pm 27th August 2008
The fun hasn't even begun yet!
By eolh at 5:05pm 28th August 2008
They do work in their first year? Surprise to me.
By James at 9:48am 29th August 2008
Hey you managed to get a topic that normally takes a year- just remember the faster you write it the less you are having to continually revise it to keep up with the latest research :)