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130. Cat People

8th September 2008
I was at a course for PhDs this evening (the introduction was over dinner - the actual content is all day tomorrow), and we had to all introduce ourselves, what we're doing, and a little bit about ourselves (technically, we paired off, talked for a while, then introduced the other person, but it works out nearly the same). Anyway, it was surprising the number of people who owned cats, to the point where some people who went later on made a point of the fact they either didn't like cats or didn't have any cats.

My theory: cats can put up with their owners going away for extended periods of time - eg: not coming home for a few days because you're busy with your PhD - whereas dogs will go crazy (plus, you need to take your dog for walks, whereas with a cat you (usually) don't.

Anyway, it's an interesting statistic. Admittedly, that's a sample of less than 30 (since there were 30 people, and not all of us mentioned our preference between cats and dogs), but it was interesting anyway. Besides, this is a comic - since when have I been restricted by good statistics?

- Luke


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By Leo at 8:36pm 9th September 2008
Cats are awesome.
By eolh at 3:14pm 11th September 2008
He is Felis Superior, the most intelligent feline in the world and the future ruler of this planet...