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132. You'll understand if you've ever seen Graduate House

12th September 2008
Graduate House is basically like a giant prison, except that residents *can* actually get in and out using their uni id cards (that is, if the swipe card readers are working).

I couldn't find any good pictures on the 'net, but all along one side (the side facing University House), there are these cut out thin metal sheets which really do look like artistically modified bars, and the doors are heavy mesh.

To top it all off, each flat/apartment thing has a security door as well as a normal door and really tiny windows facing the walkways, which make them look exactly like jail cells.

All that's missing is the barbed wire...

- Luke


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By Leo at 10:53am 13th September 2008
It's not so much to keep the post grads inside, but rather to keep the reality of life from intruding.