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133. Stupid Canberra Weather!

15th September 2008
Yeah, the weekend was pretty much exactly like the comic shows. Not that I'm complaining much actually, since we got a decent downpour for the first time in a while!

Gah, Monday. Start of yet another week.

- Luke


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By James at 11:43pm 15th September 2008
So true mate, so true
By eolh at 4:17pm 16th September 2008
It has begun!
By B at 2:31pm 18th September 2008
Bah, try being out doing field work in that especially considering that the mood swings in Perth makes Canberra weather look stable!
By Rohan at 11:15pm 20th September 2008
Mmm, wind :)
By Rohan at 11:15pm 20th September 2008
Wait, how did you draw those spirals in paint?