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136. I don't know how she manages to put up with it...

22nd September 2008
Yes, we can take what is a classic sarcastic Leo one-liner and turn it into a full blown theoretical discussion. Of course, this tends to completely befuddle newcomers or, after they've seen a few, cause them to shake their heads in disbelief (and then usually tune us out for the next fifteen minutes until we're done).

But wait... that means that people are smart too, since half of the population is of ABOVE average intelligence!

- Luke


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By eolh at 4:14pm 23rd September 2008
No, grr, half the population is NOT above average intelligence, just average. Not exactly, but in the range.
By B at 8:51pm 29th September 2008
And that's not to mention what sort of average we're going on here. Mean and median yeah, but if it's mode average we could well be in trouble!