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14. The Watch Part 3

22nd October 2007
No, this didn't really happen. However, we were coming up things that the watch couldn't do one day, and this one's the one I remember =) It was originally a dinosaur, but since Friday's comic was from, I figured that Trodgor was an acceptable stand-in.

One more week of uni, three more weeks of exams, and I'm done!

I'll probably be going to mini-series comics on Mondays and random comics on Fridays - there's one more in the watch series, then I'll be starting on air hockey games between me and Leo, which I haven't really planned out yet so I'm not sure how many there will be. Of course, if I run out of mini-series to write, you'll just get two random comics a week instead.

Once exams are finished, I'll be looking at moving this to a *proper* website (and domain) of its own, because by next year I'll have an actual job to pay for it =) When that happens, I'll be able to put in commenting (I haven't figured out how it'll all work yet - I might make it sign-in only to avoid spammers), and possibly more stuff. Email me if you've got any suggestions for the new site!

- Luke


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