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141. How do they test that?

6th October 2008
No, seriously, that's what the actual label on the power cord for the laptop says.

I'm not kidding!

I'm so glad today is a public holiday :)

And daylight savings is back again. Joy.

- Luke


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By Jack at 8:44pm 6th October 2008
I had an idea once: sell pre-tested matches.
By Jack at 4:09pm 8th October 2008
I see you have an aspire one in that comic. I'm thinking of getting one. Care to comment on it? Did you get the Win or the Lin version?
By ComicWriterLuke at 6:27pm 8th October 2008
I got the Windows version, for the 1gb of ram and the fact that I actually need a windows laptop for some programs that I'm using (or, was using) for my PhD. It's pretty good, about the only complaint I have about it is the battery life or lack thereof - running windows, 3 hours idle, 2 hours doing anything remotely difficult. The linux version has better battery life tho (since windows eats cpu like an overweight american...)
By Jack at 7:59pm 8th October 2008
And that's why I'm waiting until they start shipping with 6 cell batteries.