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142. Converting a Mac Hater

8th October 2008
Yeah, one of my fellow PhDers hates (or, maybe, used to hate) Macs, and used to rant about it quite a bit... but now he's got one!

- Luke


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By S at 7:06pm 8th October 2008
They're the greatest thing since sliced bread! drool!
By Jack at 8:00pm 8th October 2008
False. Canned bread is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Also, why pay extra for a machine that will run GNU just as well as most others?
By James at 1:47pm 9th October 2008
Because its aesthetically pleasing and some of us have this thing called money mwhahhahahhahah
By jazza at 12:56am 10th October 2008
macs are AWESOME
By eolh at 3:02pm 13th October 2008
Correct, Macs can run linux just fine.
By S at 9:19pm 20th October 2008
They can?!
By :{> at 11:23pm 24th October 2008
Join uuuuus..... I'm using one now. Have always had a mac, since dad forked out 14 grand for a IIsi back in the early 90's. 250 glorious colours.