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146. Not Quite The Future

17th October 2008
Yes, I've already voted - I pre-voted yesterday, so I can sleep in tomorrow :) And yes, I did try a to touch the screen first, before realising that technology hadn't quite caught up with my expectations and that the little keyboard was there for a reason. Although I did realise it after the second try on my own, and didn't need someone to tell me.

Yay, weekend!

- Luke


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By James at 11:23pm 18th October 2008
I didnt go near he electronic voting mwhar I just got back from the tally room exclusive crowd it was great
By :{> at 11:21pm 24th October 2008
Yeah, they lost me. I mean, I was nowhere on the electronic OR the big bloody black book. So I had to re-register. I hadn't even changed suburb since I last voted. Stupid voting things....
By Erica at 8:48pm 21st December 2008
hehehehe thats me at work everyday, sometimes i get a touch screen sometimes i dont, i must look like an idiot tapping away at the screen, or really sophisicated