Code Spammer's Paradise

156. Something's not quite right...

10th November 2008
After all, you wouldn't want to have your house littered with broken glass, would you?

- Luke


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By jazza at 9:16pm 10th November 2008
i like how everyone pauses to look at the 'camera' :D
By S at 10:06pm 10th November 2008
It's called a 'Kodak moment'!
By eolh at 3:07pm 11th November 2008
4th WALL! AHHhh! It breaks my stone house!
By ComicWriterLuke at 11:03pm 11th November 2008
Everyone is supposed to be looking at each other, not the 'camera'... if I ever break the fourth wall, it'll be very very obvious that I do so, not like above where it's just a badly drawn comic.
By Erica at 8:41pm 21st December 2008
I repeated this one to my mum, she looked at me, then said dinners burning" then raced off.....hmmmmm"