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159. inACTION

17th November 2008
Yeah, this one's annoyed the heck out of me ever since they changed the timetables earlier this year. Why the hell did they have a 4 West and a 4 East which go different ways numbered the same and since you can't show W or E on the bus (or at least they're not doing it) they all come up as number 4 so you have to keep asking the drivers which way they're going!




Anyway I was originally going to have a modified screenshot of the ACTION webpage but it turns out under their copyright and disclaimer that you only can use it as-is for personal and non-commercial purposes so I can't modify it and it could be argued that as this site has paid ads it's kind of a commercial use. Oh well.

- Luke


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By jazza at 12:44am 18th November 2008
they making it easier app. i know i can either catch a bus at 7am or 9.15am, and i usually wanna be at uni at 9. hmm.
By Erica at 8:36pm 21st December 2008
grgrgrgrgr action is evillllllllllll