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16. Oh Telstra, How I Hate Thee Sometimes

30th October 2007
So, yesterday some contractor managed to cut four fibre-optic cables in Civic, thus leaving many businesses and 13,000 homes without telephone connections until this morning. So, that's why the comic is late today (I had it all done yesterday, but couldn't put it up). Yes, I know that cutting telephone cables doesn't result in a blackout, but it's in honour of the guy, not an actual recreation of events.

The Watch still has its fourth and final part to go, but I'll do that one on Friday instead.

Back to doing the COMP4110 assignment which is due on Friday (gah, I have to go into uni myself to hand it in - what's wrong with electronic submission?)...

Good luck on exams everyone (or marking exams for those lecturers who might possibly be reading this),

- Luke


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