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169. Voices from the Sky (or the ceiling at least)

10th December 2008
Yes, there's an actual voice-over for the escalators near Big W in Civic (the multi-level ones that also go to the carparks). No-one listens to her, including the security at Canberra Centre (we saw a guard walking down one of the escalators, and we were very tempted to yell to him Listen to the annoying lady on the PA!).

The stupidity of the instructions apparently stems from the fact that a woman was wearing high heels and got it caught in the escalator coz she was trying to walk up it. Same reason that the coffee cups at McDonalds say caution: contents may be hot.

I'm an advocate of taking the warning labels off everything and letting natural selection do it's thing.

- Luke


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By Harri (Hardly Pornographi at 9:15am 12th December 2008
All I shall say is: L.O.L

Also, I concur, the gene pool needs chlorine" after all."