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172. One Hundred and Forty Comics of Increased Emo-ness

17th December 2008
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Yes, the Emo Christmas tree at Big W is back, and I swear it's even MORE Emo than last year.

- Luke


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By Rohan at 8:57pm 18th December 2008
Hey, you've been doing this for a year! That's pretty awesome :)
By Rohan at 10:00pm 18th December 2008
Comic birthday gift: I've tweaked the site a bit and removed the ads from the comic pages (they're now on the front page instead). Enjoy!
By eolh at 3:33pm 19th December 2008
Whaa! I smell js everywhere! NoScript, save me!
By Erica at 8:29pm 21st December 2008
I was excited by the black decorations
By Erica at 8:29pm 21st December 2008
no exclamation mark