Code Spammer's Paradise

173. Wake up and smell the... code?

19th December 2008
Mmm... coffee...

- Luke


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By Leo at 10:07am 20th December 2008
Once you pass the java exam, you can then make multiple coffees quickly with a javascript. ;)
By Leo at 10:12am 20th December 2008
Although... it's far more lucrative to go perl diving.
By Rohan at 10:20am 20th December 2008
Watch out though, perl diving can lead to permanent brain damage :S
By Leo at 5:37pm 20th December 2008
Rohan is right... if you hit your head hard while perl diving, you can get a memory leak.
By Erica at 8:28pm 21st December 2008
hey Luke! long time no see, are you able to do a comic on...... me and rohan were in the back row of the messiah, in the row in front of us were two little boys playing thumb wars, one of them asking his mother every 5 sec is this the end?" "is this the end" when it did end 2 1/2 later she says yes and he hi fives the other boy and yells "its the end with the symbols crashing the dying tones of Amen. oh yes and MErry Christmas love your work! :-) comic smile!"