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18. Air Hockey: 1. One Speed Only

5th November 2007
One down, three more to go (exams, that is)!

Anyway, as I think I've mentioned previously, Monday strips are likely to go to a mini-series style, so as The Watch has finished you now get the air hockey series with me vs Leo. I figure I'll be able to pack everything that was remotely interesting in our air hockey games into about 8 strips, which isn't even enough for a full game of air hockey at a goal a strip (they're 9 minute matches, first to 9 goals, if I remember correctly). An no, it's not actually called 'Air Hockey Ultra' either - I don't think it has an actual name at all.

As a teaser, I've got a ultra-long strip planned (I think it'll end up about three times the length of these strips) for the day results come out - assuming I pass everything and therefore finish uni - so you have something to look forward to for the end of uni =)

Back to studying!

- Luke

(ps: I make no excuses for the fact that the air hockey series is likely to not be funny at all - although you might laugh at our - my - misfortunes later on...)


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