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187. On the twelfth day of Christmas I gave to my uni...

5th January 2009
So ends the 2008 Christmas special, where I bumped up my comic count by 12 with nothing but filler comics :)

Regular update schedule (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) resumes as of today, so you'll get a content update on Wednesday.

- Luke


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By Bekee at 10:04am 6th January 2009
Horray! Nice filler comics. :)
By Rohan at 2:33pm 6th January 2009
Filler? I had fun, and ComicHub didn't crash with the 746px by 12756px final comic :)
By Jeff at 12:43pm 7th January 2009
Hehe, that was awesome. But I think you missed 13 student pollies"... material for the next? =D"