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19. Waiting for the nerves to appear...

9th November 2007
It has to be said that doing a stick figure comic is a lot easier than any other type of comic - you can squash the characters quite a bit before they become unrecognisable!

Anyway, this one marks the first appearance (and probably the last appearance too) of one of my lecturers...

And the 20 minute wait did occur, but since the waiting in line while other people go through their verbal exams didn't actually happen I wasn't nearly that nervous! If you're wondering (and can't read the rather squished sign on the door) the exam was for COMP4500 the software engineering project, where we have 20-30 minute verbal exams instead of a written one. We don't actually have to wait in line for it - we just turn up when our exam was scheduled. And then have a 20 minute wait, in my case =)

Two more [exams] to go, and I'm FREE!!!!!

Probably no updates next week, so if there are any then treat it as a bonus. Unfortunately, I don't have any guest strips to fill in the gaps with...

- Luke


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