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2. ANUCON 2007

10th September 2007
So, the ANUCON specials I was planning didn't happen, because I was way too tired after full days of dealing with masses of gamers...

Anyway, the comic above is a snapshot of events throughout the weekend - if I had done three comics instead of this single one they would have been:

Friday terrain setup: Table 1 with the fancy nicely-pained ruins and nice trees table 5 with plastic pre-made terrain table 17 with a few broken hedges and a foam cup for terrain...

Saturday: All the gamers going yay free food! for the free BBQ we run... and then all the gamers throwing up and being sick.

Sunday: Pretty much the above strip probably with more artwork and including incidents such as:

- a squad of 10 howling banshees (who are eldar killer-death-chicks-from-hell) charging a squad of termiators (who are the elite space marine troops) and killing two and then two dignitaries (who were mission objectives and suck at combat) charging in and matching the howling banshee's kill count (2) and the howling banshees throwing hissy fits
- the lone remaining ork warbiker riding his bike on top of a wall in the 5th turn surviving the return fire and then crashing on the dismount
- and finally a good friend winning 'best painted army' even though his was the third best painted because we have a policy that no-one can win more than one prize and the two other people won player's choice and 1st overall respectively

I've got two assignments and a project to do in the last week of uni break (right now) so I don't know if I'll be able to whack together a comic for next week - although given the quality of this one I doubt you're missing much... If I end up not doing one you'll get treated to some guest strips - yes I know that it's only the third comic but you're rather read something right? Although this has the potential to be embarassing when everyone wants to see more of my friend's guest strips rather than my own...

Oh and I'm looking into getting an rss feed for this site too so you don't have wait until Tuesday to see the new comic when I've actually updated it on Monday Sunday or even Saturday...

'Till next week!


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