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20. Clouds of Doom

12th November 2007
Well, you guys get a comic today, since the above pretty much happened (with a little less grumbling from me) today, and I didn't particularly want my 20th strip to not be one of mine, and my exam wasn't very hard at all.

Thanks to everyone who submitted guest strips or offered to make guest strips (or other filler material) for this week - I'll probably use Leo's on Friday since his won't make sense after exams, but everyone else's ones are on the stack in case I somehow get too sick to do my own or something else happens sometime. Thanks everyone!

The title: apologies to Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert), because the 'cloud of doom' makes an appearance when Dilbert's on a doomed project, and it pretty much looks like the one in my comic (except that instead of just hovering there, it zaps people who come too close to Dilbert). Actually... come to think of it, having my own cloud of doom wouldn't be bad =)

One more exam to go (on Friday morning), and I'm done like everyone else who doesn't do Software Engineering seems to be!!!!

- Luke


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