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215. Technical Problems

27th March 2009
Yes, you probably all have noticed the technical problems that comichub was experiencing over the last week or two, but hopefully they're all fixed now.

Ah, that days of progressive-loading images on 44k modems. How I so do not miss thee.

- Luke


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By SS at 10:24pm 27th March 2009
Hahahahaaaaa, trying to get to this comic strip... I got 4 errors and waited for 15min+ before the page would finally load.

Oh, the irony...
By Rohan at 10:28pm 27th March 2009
Sigh, something's still broken :( I'd totally forgotten about those progressive loading images! Those were the days... actually, no. Horray for fast internet (when it works)!
By Leo at 7:30pm 29th March 2009
Depressingly, my internet connection is so slow that I didn't notice any difference... Thank you for bursting my warm cocoon of ignorance. >:(
By jazza at 2:39am 30th March 2009
i loves the utilities that would partially download an image and process it so it was viewable, so you didn't suck up all the bandwidth. oh, the old days.. how i don't miss you.