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23. Dodging Bollards

24th November 2007
Yay, extras! =)

Boo, comic is late! >=(

I had this all written up earlier this week, but I forgot to actually put it up yesterday. Whoops...

Anyway, some progress has been made on the better site for the comic, with some of my friends who have their own site(s) offering up space - so it'll probably get done over the next few weeks before Christmas (hopefully!).

I've got my marks (for some reason at least some of them are in ISIS already), and I've passed everything, so I've gotten my degree! Well, unless I somehow stuffed up my course selections, but I've checked that so many times that I'm sure I've done everything!

See you all on Monday, I'll probably do a waiting-for-marks special instead of another air hockey strip.

- Luke


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