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235. Lifecycles

15th May 2009
Oh dear, I think I've ventured into xkcd ( ) territory with this one, but with software engineering instead of maths and a lack of alt-text...

This came out of a somewhat long-winded discussion between me and Rohan ( ) this afternoon about strategies to finding what you can do in your life that you enjoy, and that sort of life universe and everything philosophical questioning. I could ramble on about it for a while but I'll see if Rohan posts up something on his blog first before yabbering on about it here.

One thing I'm curious about though is:
- how many people have gone through life so far knowing pretty much what they want to do in the future (eg: Always wanted to do a particular university degree and go into this sort of job etc) and have followed up on that;
- how many people have had a plan but have gotten diverted from it by something else they've found along the way that was really interesting; and
- how many people didn't really have a plan and have just sort of coasted through life so far?

I mostly fall into the last category since I didn't know I was going to do a PhD until three months beforehand (and after I had graduated from undergrad) and I only did software engineering rather than straight IT because I thought it'd be more challenging (it was) and I didn't decide to go into computing until halfway through year 11 or so.

Gah too damn deep and philosophical today :P

Woo weekend!

- Luke


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By Rohan at 10:47am 16th May 2009
I always knew I wanted to do something with computers, but the main reason I chose software engineering because one of my friends was doing it. I'm glad I did, I doubt I would've liked straight IT. Blog post coming up soon!
By Rohan at 1:43pm 17th May 2009
BTW, just because I'm writing something doesn't mean you shouldn't! I'll end up writing about what stuck for me, which I suspect will be quite different to what you might want to write.
By Dave at 12:06pm 18th May 2009
I still don't know what I want long term. I started high school knowing" I was going to do something ITish though.

I left UNI because I decided I didn't like Software Engineering any more now I'm doing a job that's not that different from what I expected to end up in anyway... grr.

I think it's pretty normal to have no freaking idea."