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24. Refreshing Results

26th November 2007
Well, this actually didn't happen, since I managed to take a squiz at my results on Saturday morning before ISIS got locked, so I already knew then. But, this is what would have happened if I hadn't known on Saturday.

My hairstyle is slightly more realistic (well, as realistic as you can get in a stick-figure webcomic) from the back now, instead of the entirely-black-circle you got before. Although in retrospect, I should have done the top of the head from the back of the monitor thing like way back in comic 1, so that I wouldn't even need to worry about the hairstyle...

Anyway, hopefully all of you managed to do well on your results for this semester!

Air Hockey isn't nearly as interesting as I thought it would be, but I'll probably do another one or two strips to finish it off. They'll come in when I have no 'plot' ones to do, since there are a quite a few things happening that will be comicised between now and the end of the year (for example: graduation and Christmas).

I'll try to remember to do the Friday comic on Friday this week!

- Luke

PS: And I forgot to give myself a mouse or keyboard to do the clicking and refreshing with. Whoops!


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