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246. The Creative Process

12th June 2009
Yes, those are my short snippet summaries of all of the Star Trek movies, based upon the wikipedia entries ( ). I haven't actually seen any of them except for The Wrath of Khan and Space Whales sorry I mean The Voyage Home.

Just saw the new Star Trek, and it's pretty good. Lots of action, not really that much plot, but it pretty much just goes oh look we broke the universe but now we can make another ten films using the same characters but in the _new_ universe! yay!

- Luke


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By jarrett at 1:52pm 15th June 2009
it's kinda the problem with a series that's been around so long, it's hard to do anything new, AND stay in continuity. you hit the old wolverine paradox too: he seems to spends more time doing things in his and other people's series then he could possibly have, even if he never slept. then the series goes on for 40 years and no one ages...