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264. Avoidance Routies, Updated

3rd August 2009
Yes, the 9th option is a non-optimal solution (as it costs more money that the others). However, that being said, it would also be a hilarious option.

Just to avoid any future misunderstandings though, no, I do not actually own a Nerf Vulcan. One of my friends has two, though.

- Luke


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By Matt at 9:17pm 3rd August 2009
Yes I do :)

And a recon, raider, maverick, nitefinder, 2x single teks, doubleshot, 2x rapid fire teks and a clip blaster... aint no Zombie getting me.

Unfortunately we have been forbidden from shooting the election staff :(
By Rohan at 12:43pm 4th August 2009
Aww, forbidden? Who by? :p

I'm not sure about the suboptimal thing too - are you optimising for cost, effectiveness, enjoyment or a combination of the three?
By Matt at 1:25pm 4th August 2009
HvZ club, 290 people running around the uni with nerf guns starting wednesday... we hope to do it again so no shooting annoying mofo's prattling about nonsensical things.

an example of why not to mess with this club: