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271. I'd say rest in peace, but...

27th August 2009,25197,25973093-12377,00.html

No more fireworks.

In actuality, although I enjoyed fireworks, that's not why I'm annoyed at this decision. I'm annoyed because yet again the ACT government panders towards a small vocal group in the population (in this case, some (not all!) pet owners and the RSPCA), and punishes the majority for the crimes of the minority (those idiots who blow stuff up, usually NOT with legally-sold fireworks anyway).

My personal view? Your dog barks half the time. Your cat poops in my garden. The least I should be allowed to do is set stuff off two nights at year, without you complaining about it.

Gah. Oh well, it means I have one less thing to draw a comic about each year now. And Canberra just got a little more quiet and a little more boring.

- Luke


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By Rohan at 8:11pm 27th August 2009
Sigh. Canberra's four P's (porn, pot, politics and pyrotechnics) are down to three. We don't have much city left!
By Matt at 9:13pm 28th August 2009
Say that to my dead dog Luke, she got hit by a car because some idiot let fireworks off one night (outside of the legal period) and scared her out of the backyard.

Good riddance, means I don't have to go through freakin asio checks to sell the bastards at my work and deal with every wanker from NSW trying to buy them.
By ComicWriterLuke at 10:34pm 28th August 2009
Matt, you're one of the responsible pet owners that I don't mind. The idiot who didn't follow the rules and let them off outside the legal period is at fault, and I don't disagree with letting people like that hang (figuratively).

Just don't ban something because a small vocal group doesn't like it, and stop a lot of people have fun two nights a year because some people complain. Otherwise, we might as well go the whole way ban alcohol, all types of music, summernats, floriade, and a whole bunch of other things.
By Matt at 1:29pm 30th August 2009
Summernats died a long time ago luke