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272. They all look like guns to me.

29th August 2009
Yeah, I got my Nerf blaster (they're not guns!) in the mail this week. Complete with re-taped packaging, a note on the outside your package was inspected by customs and a flyer on the inside with we opened and inspected your package no items were removed. I guess the fact that Nerf blasters look exactly like guns on the x-ray made them curious :D

And actually the big gun thing kind of sucks out of the box - range is decent but the accuracy is craptastic. Once I get a bit more confident with modding I'll be opening it up and fixing it.

Oh and the thing stings quite a bit when fired point-blank. It's really not a close combat weapon by any means.

- Luke


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By Leo at 10:17am 30th August 2009
I'd better start getting your bail money ready.
By S at 1:03am 31st August 2009
Righto! When the Men In Sinister Shades ask for you, we do not know!
By Rohan at 12:17pm 31st August 2009
Got a pic of the particular model you got?
By Matt at 10:17am 1st September 2009
He's got the CS-6 longshot... it's only like a foot and half shorter thab him :)
By Rohan at 1:36pm 1st September 2009
*looks up pic* Impressive. I am suitably intimidated.