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274. Two-in-one

2nd September 2009
Yes, it's actually two blasters in one. Of course, the front bit is kind of useless as an add-on, since it does make the main gun less accurate and less powerful, and adds weight and makes it longer and more awkward to use. However, it does have a neat (though painfully underpowered) single-shot blaster built into it, so it's not all bad. I don't think I'll ever use the front gun (as it's called) though, which makes it not really worth the plastic.

- Luke


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By Matt at 1:05pm 3rd September 2009
It's so when you run out of darts and here that dead man's click you still have one shot and don't get ventilated by the gun with the raider with a 35 dart drum.... not that you'd know anything about that Luke.
By Luke at 2:19pm 3rd September 2009
That's what a sidearm is for (in my case, the Mav). I just have to learn to actually know what the plunger-on-an-empty-chamber sound is and practice switching to secondary faster :P