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28. An Environmentalist at Heart

10th December 2007
Yeah, it's a bit old, but this conversation did really take place at one of our weekly wedges lunches. If you haven't noticed already, I'm trawling my way through the pages of notes I took ever since I decided to start a webcomic, so think of these ones as the b-grade summer comics, like how all the series end before the summer so all you get are repeats that you've seen millions of times before (except that you haven't seen any of these comics before, they're all new - just a couple of months out of date).

To give you an idea of some of the worse ideas that I won't be making a comic of though:

- Octopus Stalkers (don't ask)

- America's top model being influenced by politics (I'm not sure why I wrote that one down)

- The mysteries of the software engineering project room, with its two random coffee things, an ipod cable, and ladder to god written on a portable whiteboard and an arrow pointing to a removed ceiling tile with cables hanging down from it.

So yeah. Consider yourselves lucky you get comics that consist of 1-line setups for bad jokes instead.

- Luke


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