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280. He's a mock-vegetarian

19th September 2009
More from the !stack*, this one's pretty recent.

- Luke

* the stack isn't actually a stack in the data structure sense of the word - if we were to call it anything it'd probably be random access memory. Basically there's a rather large pile of post-its on my desk at home each of which has a Comicidea(TM) written on it. Whenever I don't really have anything I particularly want to do a comic on I dig through the stack until one catches my eye and I convert the Comicidea(TM) into an actual comic.


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By eolh at 4:24pm 21st September 2009
And is mook tofu made of out meet?
By ComicWriterLuke at 8:13pm 22nd September 2009
I was wondering when someone would comment on the typo :P