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29. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

14th December 2007
So, two bits of news today:

1. I've told nearly everyone, but for those of you who I haven't seen since the end of uni, I'm nearly certainly doing a PhD next year! Unfortunately, this means I'll technically be going back to uni next year...

2. Comic is now up on [ie: here!] - provided by Rohan and Luke1 and co. I've uploaded all the previous comics and news posts, and you can post up comments for individual comics there, but the rss feed is broken at the moment and there are still a few minor issues still to solve (which hopefully will be fixed before Christmas). So, for now, you still get updates on here.

[Googlepages] will still be the 'main' update site (in that the news comments which you're reading now will make more sense here than over on comichub) until the other one's all ready to go though.

Oh, and sorry for the blandness of the comic today, I'm being lazy =)

- Luke


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By Jack at 3:43am 14th December 2007
Gratz on going for the PhD. Who do you want for your supervisor?
By Rohan at 2:37am 16th December 2007
Let me know when you've got a topic, even though I know that's a question I'm not meant to ask :p (
Also, hope everyone likes the new theme on ComicHub, especially the whale on the front page :D
By Jack at 6:25am 16th December 2007
New theme rocks. Are you sure you want everyone dumping their hard drive on the site? You'll run out eventually... :-D
By Luke at 5:55pm 16th December 2007
PhD will be mostly organised in Jan, since everyone seems to be on holiday at the moment. My supervisor is probably going to be Shayne. Comic update later today, too!