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293. Time Warp

28th October 2009
Borderlands has been available on Steam for pre-order for a while. Up until less than 1 hour before it's advertised Oct 27th release date (worldwide), the European and Australian dates got adjusted back to the 30th (which is the European and Australian retail release date). So, having pre-ordered the game on Tuesday (as Steam had a $5 discount if you pre-ordered), I was expecting to play it today.


Added to that, now it appears that the preload version of Borderlands is actually the low-violence version instead of the uncensored version which we SHOULD be getting in Australia. For those of us who have already downloaded the low-violence version, guess what the fix is. REDOWNLOAD 8GB+ OF THE GAME.

Not happy. Never ever pre-ordering anything on Steam ever again, it seems.

The final two comics of the Left 4 Dead - Tank series will resume after this one.

- Luke


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By eolh at 3:28pm 29th October 2009
Behold, Steam controls you! foolish!