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296. Borderlanded!

10th November 2009
Ooops, got distracted by Borderlands.

It's like FPS meets Diablo 2. And it's about as addictive as it sounds like it should be.

Sorry, I'll resume regular updates FROM NOW ON. Feel free to complain in the comments if I don't.

- Luke


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By Matt at 6:57pm 11th November 2009
1) You're too short
2) You're freaky deaky shoes of annoyingness and how you haven't broken a toe yet dispite my wishes
3) You took back Asia
4) Your drum mag isn't stuffed
By ComicWriterLuke at 10:24am 12th November 2009
1) I'm not short. You're all just freakishly tall.
2) You do realise that half the reason I wear them is because you all complain about them?
3) Not my fault you are incompetent at playing Japan in Axis&Allies :P
4) Don't forget that even if my (nerf) drum mag dies, I still have a spare as well :)